Newport Concierge Pediatrics

Iman Bar, M.D. has been serving the Newport Beach / Corona Del Mar area for many years and has been recognized by the community and honored by city leaders as a "local health treasure of this region."

Newport Concierge Pediatrics is about delivering the highest level of home care service that your children deserve. Read more to find how about this amazing home care service.

You can begin your services with Newport Concierge Pediatrics whenever you like. in your 2ed trimester, when your baby is born, or a toddler all the way up to their teens.

                Pediatric House Calls

Newport Concierge Pediatrics is the first pediatrics house

call service in the Newport Beach/Corona Del Mar area.

Iman Bar, M.D. created Newport Concierge Pediatrics to fill a need

for families wanting a higher level of service for their children,

in a positive environment, your home!

With services for prenatal care, infants, toddlers, and kids of all ages. 

There are many benefits in having the doctor come to your home:

​Avoid ER waiting rooms

Better sanitary conditions

No need to seek out an open pharmacy

(most medication comes with the doctor)

Positive experience for your kids

Doctor Bar practices both western and holistic medicine 

House Call Line  


Iman Bar M.D.

Address:  3429 E. Coast Hwy.

Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

     House Calls: (949) 675-6759

     Office: (949) 706-1212

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